At The Wood Place we set the benchmark in hand-crafted quality solid wood furniture and well-proportioned aesthetic design. Our approach is expressed in each of our furniture designs and we are able to shape our signature pieces by combining tradition, craftsmanship and a love of solid wood – whether raw, polished, aged or indigenous.

Our services include the following:

Preserving The Environment

The wood place team only source local wood mainly from Limpopo and Mpumalanga province, we also only cut dead trees. This contributes to the local community's economy and job creation as well as environmental sustainability. These hard wood trees are cut into slabs (or slices) and discs by using a chainsaw and then loaded onto trucks for transport to our factory in Kyalami, Midrand, Gauteng. The hard wood live edge furniture can be designed in any size as these giants of trees were over 4m in lengths and 1m+ in diameters. Once the hard wood trees are cut into slab or disc format, coffee tables, dining tables or other furniture pieces can be made.

Our Expertise

The furniture is worked on by hand and goes through a 6 phase sanding process, we also treat the hard wood with a sanding sealer. However we can upon request also varnish the furniture. All kinds of furniture can be made from these hard live edge woods and the colour varies from light brown to deep red. Our clients can design their own furniture by incorporating their own creative inspiration into the furniture and are welcome to choose their finish from rustic (as some hard wood tree slabs still has its bark on the sides) to cleaned, highly polished pieces of furniture or slabs. We also have a variety of stock such as bars, tables and coffee tables available in either hard wood or in combination of steel or wood legs. There are different wood types such as oak, matumi, black ironwood, jackalsberry, african mahogany to name a few, which can be used for making any type of furniture in any design or style.